Bear St. closed as of 30 September 2016

We will be wrapping up for a short while yet, so Emergency Orders only (that being, OMG, I forgot/ didn't know about the sale and I NEED Snoodles, especially at 52% off = EMERGENCY = we get it).

Orders processed at this time must be done through PayPal's Invoicing system. We will no longer be processing payments directly.

To submit an EMERGENCY ORDER, add items to your bag, and under the Payments Section of the order form, click on check/money order. You will be eMailed an invoice from PayPal via which you may remit payment.

The caveats are thus:
Subsidized shipping rates still apply // Gift packaging is not available (gift cards ok) // Bear Aways/Layaways are not available // Canadian and US shipping only // All sales are final and as-is // Discount is not retroactive // Inventory is limited

Spanky, Chief Executive Bear (CEB).

BIG Tender Beginnings Giraffe, pink
$98 $47US
BIG Tender Beginnings Giraffe, blue
Buffy Blankie, blue
$31 $15US
Hugs & Kisses Elephant Bib
$19 $9US
Hugs & Kisses Giraffe Bib
$19 $9US
Hugs & Kisses Hippo Bib
$19 $9US
I love my Grandma Hippo
$19 $9US
I love my Mommy Elephant
$19 $9US
Little Quack-Ups Dixie Mermaid
$19 $9US
Little Tones Bear Pull Toy, Blue
$27 $13US
Sprinkles Frame
$44 $21US
Spunky Comfy Cozy, blue
$69 $33US
Spunky Comfy Cozy, pink
$58 $28US
Spunky Loveable Hugs, blue
$71 $34US
Sweetkins Hide-a-way Cozy, blue
$42 $20US
Sweetkins Hide-a-way Cozy, pink
$42 $20US
Sweetkins Hide-a-way Cozy, white
$42 $20US
Tinkle Crinkle Loop Toy
$23 $11US
Tinkle, Crinkle, Rattle & Squeak
$21 $10US
Please click on the thumbnail graphic for more detail, or to order.
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