Frequently Asked Questions
Cancellation Policy
As Bear St. ships orders expeditiously, orders for in-stock items may not be cancelled. Backorders may be cancelled provided that Bear St. is contacted via eMail ( at least 48 hours prior to the anticipated ship date.

Catalog Request
For any of our customers interested in receiving a printed catalogue, Bear St. is exclusively online, and as such has not published such media. We recommend printing out of your browser if you would like hardcopy.

Send Bear St. a check!
Would you like to send Bear St. a check or money order? If so, please complete an Order Form, and under the 'Payment' section, click on the check/money order button. Upon submission of your order, an eReceipt will be generated providing complete remittance instructions as well as terms and conditions.

Please note that Bear St. will hold any personal check for five (5) weeks in order to clear the banking system ($45US will be assessed on any returned or dishonored check). If you send a prepaid International Money Order or Bank Certified check however, we will send you your bear(s) upon receipt of your payment.

Contact Bear St!
Bear St. may be contacted via eMail at our letters form

Our Location
Bear St.'s International Warehouse is located in Calgary, AB. For purposes of logistics, all orders will ship from this facility.

Donation Requests
Bear St. is currently not accepting any additional donation requests.

Bear St.'s eCard
Bear St. is proud to introduce the latest innovation in the Wide Wild World of Gund, the Bear St. eCard! Our eCard is not just any greeting card, it is a fully customizable two-part card that is like none other. All you need to utilize this fabulous system is a Java enabled browser! To connect, just click on the 'eCard' link at the bottom of this page.

I can't find my GUND anywhere, even on Bear St.!
Can't find your GUND at Bear St.? Even on the Family Album?
Since Gund discontinues roughly 75 items each and every year in order to make way for new products coming onto the market, many favorites may no longer be available. Further, it is very common for a given animal to remain on the market for only 2 or 3 years. This is with the exception of seasonal items (bunnies, chicks, Yulebeary) that are intended to be available only during the year of original introduction and applicable season. If you can't find your favorite among the entire Bear St. collection, it is very possible that your Gund has been retired. Smile! You have something very special!

If you are looking for an animal featured in a Bear St. banner, these wonderful creations have largely all been retired by GUND. Bear St. immortalizes these animals by putting them online, however, they are not intended to indicate that they are available until overtly advertised.

Canadian Taxes Apply
When sending parcels to or within Canada, the Canadian Government requires that the GST or HST taxes be paid. Bear St. includes this tax on your order and remits it to Revenue Canada. Should we not have done so, the person to whom you are sending would be responsible for paying this fee.

Provinces and Territories where the 5% GST is applicable: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, The Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Provinces where the 13% HST is applicable: New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Ontario. HST in Prince Edward Island is 14% and in Nova Scotia it is 15%.

Need help identifying your GUND?
If you would like assistance in identifying your GUND, please eMail a .jpg image of your GUND to GUND's head office at

Bear St. Management
Who runs Bear St. and makes all the important decisions? Who has the real clout and makes things happen? Our owners invest a great deal of themselves in Bear St. and offer our organization a wealth of experience in their fields, we consider this to be a significant advantage in doing business over the Internet. Our owners understand how much you love to squeeze tummies, and it is their mission to offer a GUND tummy to anyone who needs a squeeze!

Bear St. Payment Options
Bear St. is pleased to accept VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express (via PayPal Invoicing System), checks, and money orders in payment for any GUND item.

Where are stores in my area?
Looking for a store in your area? Look no further! Bear St. will happily ship any GUND animal anywhere in the world for you. We will have it delivered right to your doorstep, or the doorstep of your special someone.

Bear St. Developers
Who Maintains Bear St. and creates our really cool stuff? Bear St. is extremely fortunate to have Snow Storm Software on board, they maintain the entire Bear St. site and create for us the very cool Java Applets such as our pride and joy, the eCard! Should you ever have any questions as to how they can help you, we recommend them without hesitation and suggest you contact by clicking here.

TLC for your Teddy
Interested in refreshing or spiffing up your favorite Gund teddy bear? We have a whole page dedicated to this subject, and suggest that common sense in cleaning your teddy is the best way to go. Gentle cleansers, regular care, and TLC will go a long way! Please click here to link to our instructions page.

Valuing your GUND treasure
It is Gund's official policy not to determine the collectibility nor value of discontinued or retired Gund items. Gund feels that the value received from the sale of their items is determined by the secondary market over which they do not want to pose an influence. There are many books published on the subject, some of which will include Gund in their endeavours. These publications may be found in local libraries or bookstores.

What are GUNDs made from?
All GUND animals are made with synthetic fibers, and are stuffed with GUND's special stuffing (secret recipe). If beans are included in the animal, they are plastic pellets. This information is made with the best of our knowledge.

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